About Adventurous Worker

We all want to lose weight, tone up, eat healthier and pursue a lifestyle that’s more enjoyable, fulfilling and less stressful,  But it’s often much easier said than done.  Why?  Because we don’t set clear goals for ourselves, we get caught up in a lifestyle that’s not conducive to our overall well being, or we let other people discourage us from pursuing our dreams.

Here’s the good news: No goal, however big, is out of your reach.  So, what does this have to do with Adventurous Worker?  Adventurous means that you step out of your comfort zone, take risks, let go of bad relationships, and try new things.  Adventurous also means that, if you really want something, go out and get it!  Do realize, though, that you must be willing to work hard in order to achieve your goals.

Though, we all need a little help and encouragement along the way.  My goal is to help you break through those emotional barriers, achieve your goals and become the best version of you.  That’s what Adventurous Worker is all about.

About Deanna Proach


Deanna Proach, the founder of Adventurous Worker, holds a BA in History from the University of Northern British Columbia.  After graduation, she spent five years pursuing a vocation as a writer.  In that time, Deanna wrote numerous articles: some for print, but mostly for blogs and e-zines.  She also founded Crusades and Crusaders (www.crusadesandcrusaders.com), a blog that chronicles the history of the Crusades.

In early 2014, Deanna decided to take a break from writing and work on expanding her life skills.  Since then, she has been to Europe twice: Italy in early 2015 and Germany in 2016.

Her interest in fitness began in the summer of 2016 shortly before her trip to Germany.  Deanna has recently completed a Fitness Theory course through Info Fit and looks forward to becoming a certified fitness coach this spring.  She also works as a landscaper.

Deanna’s plan for Adventurous Worker is to turn her passion for writing and fitness into a career that involves helping other people achieve their fitness goals.