I recently discovered a website on my Instagram page called Garden Design Magazine (www.gardendesign.com).  I am so excited about this website because it features many articles that are free to read.

I have set a number of goals for myself that I want to accomplish in 2019.  Among those includes:

  • how to build a raised garden bed using wood (untreated pine or cedar wood), cement blocks or just good old fashioned stone as shown in the image above.
  • how to plant, harvest and maintain a vegetable and herb garden.
  • how to plant and maintain fruit trees.

While some gardeners place cardboard or newspaper at the base of their raised garden beds in efforts to suppress weeds, my idea would be to place a heavy duty landscape fabric and poke several holes in the material to allow for proper drainage.

A vegetable and herb garden — as well as fruit trees if you have the space  in your yard — not only reduces the cost of food, it provides you with food that is wholesome and all natural.

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