Now that the landscaping season is beginning to wind down, it’s time to reflect on the first six months of Adventurous Worker and decide on which direction I want to take it in 2019.

It’s been a fantastic start so far!  I quit my job at the start of June, thinking that I would offer my services as a cleaner, landscaper, writer and photographer.  In the six months that I’ve been in business, I have met so many different people and have been blessed with amazing clients.  I have also decided to narrow my services down to landscaping and copy writing.

In 2019, I really want to focus more on building and upgrading garden beds — which includes plant installs — as well as designing gardens or, if customers have a particular design in mind, bringing their ideas to life.  Taking on bigger projects means I will need hired help, but part of my mission for Adventurous Worker is to provide good employment for individuals who share the same passion for landscaping as I do.

Another mission of Adventurous Worker is to focus on one client at a time so that we can provide high quality work that exceeds clients’ expectations.

So, where does copy writing fit into this scheme?  The copy writing branch of Adventurous Worker — which is called Off Season Writing — is a side business that I intend to fulfill between projects during the landscaping season and also during the winter months.

Now that I know what I want for the future of Adventurous Worker, I need to address the type of work I don’t want to do.

Services I will not offer:

  • Weeding driveways and along driveways (exception for existing clients) 
  • Weeding garden beds that are already well maintained (exception for jobs that require more than 5 hours of my time)
  • Raking and blowing leaves
  • Gardening that requires less than 5 hours of my time (Exception for existing clients)
  • Pruning hedges and large trees that require a ladder
  • Lawn care (Exception for existing clients and select others)
  • Planting full sized trees

Services I won’t offer right now but may in the future:

  • Lawn Installation
  • Irrigation
  • Landscape construction that involves building patios and other wooden structures

Although, I have built steps into a slope for one client and also plan to work more with stone and concrete pavers.





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