Landscape design is one part of landscaping I want to delve into more next year.  I love talking to clients about how I can create or re-create their gardens.  Though, some clients have their own ideas for how they want their garden to look like and what types of plants they want installed.

One client had a brilliant idea for his garden and I was more than happy to make his vision come to life.

This is what one of his garden beds looked like before the renovation. About two weeks ago, it was covered in weeds and some creeping plant was choking the Yucca. But all garden renovations start with a thorough clean-up.


After the renovation.
I enlarged the garden bed and defined its edges with soil and a rock border. I also transplanted three Hostas (I had cut two of them back as they have gone to sleep for the winter season). Since Hostas prefer shade, I believe they will flourish under this large maple tree.


You can tell where the original border for this garden bed was. My client wanted to expand it in the formation of a tear drop. Rather than dig out the grass which would have been difficult to do given how tough the ground is, I simply laid landscape fabric over the grassy area.


What it looks like now.

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