Ever since I quit my job and started my own business, I have been more happy and less stressed out.  There are moments, of course, when I do get stressed out.  But, rather than living for my next days off, planning intensely for the future, I am living in the present, enjoying every moment of it.

One and a half months ago, I decided to kick off my business offering cleaning and gardening services.  However, I quickly realized where my true passion lies: Landscaping.  So, I have decided to pursue that line of work.

Recently, a close friend of the family forwarded me an email from a friend who has a friend who desperately needed a landscaper to renovate their garden before their son’s wedding which is scheduled for the end of July.  I jumped at the opportunity immediately, called the couple and was promptly hired to do the job.  I discovered it was too big of a job for one person and, after consulting with the owner of Top Quality Soils in Sechelt as well as the homeowner, we all decided we couldn’t proceed with the project until the garden beds were excavated.


Photos of the garden beds before the excavation and renovation.

It was the end of June.  Time was of the essence and we needed to find a contractor immediately!  Fortunately, I have a friend who is an excavator — Rodney from One Stop Contracting — who I called right away.

The demand for skilled tradesmen here on the Sunshine Coast is so high that there are not enough workers to fulfill the need.  Consequently, many contractors find themselves overbooked and overwhelmed.  Rodney, however, took time from his busy schedule to complete this small excavation for my clients and for me as well.


This is what the garden beds look like now!

Sonja, a dear friend of mine, also took some time from her busy schedule to help me.  So did another friend, Nick.

As a new business owner, I oversaw all the work completed.  However, I couldn’t have done it without the help of Rodney, Sonja and Nick.  Together, we created a dream garden that’s above and beyond the satisfaction of my clients.  I call this teamwork!




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