I am fast approaching the one month anniversary of being self-employed and I am already thinking heavily about which direction I plan on taking my business, Adventurous Worker. I began offering four different services: cleaning, gardening, photography and copy writing.

So far, I’m off to a good start: I have already booked a number of cleaning and gardening jobs.  However, as I move forward, I am going to narrow it down to three things: Gardening is one of them.

Before photo of a garden I’ve just started renovating. The first step is to get rid of all the weeds, bramble and grass that have completely overtaken this bed.

A year ago, while working for a landscape company, I decided that, in three years, I would start my own landscaping business.  Well, my dream is becoming a reality much sooner than I anticipated.


I admit that I don’t have much experience as a landscaper and horticulture is a very new thing to me.  But, I decided that I am not going to let the lack of education in horticulture limit my capabilities.  I am passionate about nature and have a keen interest in plants.  That’s enough to get me started.  Besides, now that I am my own boss, I am far more motivated to learn.  And, I have the support of more experienced landscapers well versed in the art of horticulture to assist me along the way.

Garden renovation in progress.








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